Перевод песни Steven Curtis Chapman – I Am Joseph (God Is With Us)

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I am Joseph, I am Mary, I'm traveling on a journey
And I'm carrying a promise that I can't see
I am scared and I'm excited
I don't really know what lies ahead of me
And I'm a shepherd on the hillside as common as the clothes I wear
That smell like I've been sleeping in a barn
The last people in this world to ever bow before a king
But here we are
God is with us
God is for us
This is my story and this is my song
And God is with us
And God is for us all
And I am Herod in the palace that my pride can build around me
I start thinking I'm the one and only king
Trying desperately to stay upon a throne that never did belong to me
And I am riding with the wise men over hills and through the darkest valleys
Fixed on the star that lights our way
Bringing all the gifts I have to give in worship
When I finally see my Savior's face
So let's all gather at the manger
And bring all our hopes and hurts and fears
All of our unworthiness and shame
Knowing every one of us is the reason that He came