Перевод песни Mary J. Blige – Missing You

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I'm not in love
It's just some kind of thing i'm goin'through
(goin'through, goin'through)
And it's not infatuation
Ain't nothin'going on 'tween me and you
But i dream about it every night, baby
Wanting you here with me Making love to me, and oh
I'm missing you like crazy
Body and soul is aching
I'm out of control
Missing you so
I'm missing you
Missing you
I'm missing you
Missing you
I'm not in love
And that's what i just keep telling myself
Over and over again
And i'm not the least bit amused by you baby
Yet still i don't want to be with nobody else
And i dream about you all the time
Touching and kissing me And making love to me, and oh Hook
Oh i am missing you so God knows i'm tryin'to keep you
Out of my head
I ain't tryin'to love no one
I ain't tryin'to get hurt again, no But there's somethin'that just
Gets in my skin
And all i know is i can't let go And that's the way it is Hook
I'm missing you (tryin'to go somewhere)
Missing you
I'm missing you
Missing you
I'm missing you