Перевод песни Disco Ensemble – With Every Step

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Carry your weight up a staircase
Carry your weight through graveyard gates
Carry your weight in war and truce
Carry your weight and others too
They snub you off like you're not even there
Carry your weight or you lose your head
Carry that weight in the quiet night
Twilight slips to the morning light
Carry your weight 'till your fingers shake
Carry your weight 'till your palms burn
And you carry that weight
Like thought that someday someone will come
And carry you in return
And you lose just who you are
When the weight crushes your heart
And it hurts with every step
How you wish to be someone else
Just for a while
Carry your weight from 9 to 7
Carry that shit since 97
Carry your weightjust to feel alive
Carry that shit just to exist
And if they snub you off
You're gonna fuck them up
Carry that weight 'cause the others won't
Carry their weight 'till your head comes off
Carry their weight 'till the earth shakes
Carry their weight 'till the world burns
And you carry their weight though you know that no-one will
Ever pay back and carry yours in return