Перевод песни Twiztid – Rep That Wicked

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I'm a chainsaw soldier
Wit' insane ideas like fuckin' dead chicks and takin' the world over
And the way I feel is you lose when you don't try
Ain't no such thing as a win cause in the end we all die
So when I'm shootin' up my sound
I'm tryna put the moon and the stars in a plant box
Representin' everybody standin' beside us And everybody else just bein' vaginas! (Pussies!)
I'm timeless, chainsmokin'
And leavin' the world spineless, I ain't jokin'!
Given a moment of silence, I'll stay in focus
It'll come down to violence, is what I'm hopin'
And to most of y'all I'm just too hard to see
Like I'm flickin' cigarettes in your E.Y.E.'s
I wanna make 'em all burn if they hotbox wit' me But my concern right now is makin' history
This is for the freak shows, this is for the killas
Middle fingers up to people that don't get us This is for the graveyard, this is for the dead
Everybody else can go to hell instead
I rep that wicked shit 'til the day that I die
It's a worldwide homicide!
If you down wit' Twiztid, then let's begin
Our journey to the darker side
Bow down to the wicked, and put that swag shit and in a backpack
Get it a bus ticket to somewhere in Baghdad
I can't fuck wit' it and I'm not mad
Sheep so enamored with the «Flav of the week» fad
Right now wit' skinny jeans and weak raps
Rehab stats, I'm the reason you relapse, perhaps?
I've been waitin' for them gangstas to come back
But all they worried about is a price tag and Maybachs
Broken and bruised from battlin' with the best, I Represent almost everything they detest by Bein' a painted freak and beatin' on my chest, my Hit a razorback, goin' bananas watchin' shit fly
I'm a Freek show! So, I Won't Die
And I's an abomination, it's the story of my life
Why is it desperation that's always gettin' me by?
Wit' a hatred like mine, it's unbearable to describe
I wipe my mouth with toilet paper because I'm spitttin' the shit
And flippin' it up just like a gymnast, cartwheelin' on all opponents
Dunkin' it like a donut, glazed wit' them powdered lips
Chap stick, pucker it up and givin' our ass a kiss
We addictive they call us crack and place it up on the fact
That we rappin' around the dome like original snap-backs
And ball caps, ball sacs hurt from gettin' bruised
Strokin' our ego's like some dicks and expect 'em not to explode!
I'm in the zone! Wouldn't touch me wit' a ten foot pole
I'm radioactive and the chemo is makin' my soul glow
Watch me float, I'm levitatin' and carvin' a headstone
If you even cross us once I'll back at you like tenfold
I'm a Scorpio, terrestrial, arachnid
I'm poison in the saliva glands, diagnosin' me with the cat scans
I'm batman, I'm better than that, man
No multiple man, stretchin' limitations just like some rubber bands!
Bow down to the wicked...
Bow down to the wicked...