Перевод песни Twiztid – He's Looking At Me

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What do you mean you're not gonna do it?
I. I just... I can't do it!
No, I'm tellin' you I went through all this shit to get this motherfucker here
you're do... You're doin' it!
I can't do it- he's looking at me and I can't he- turn him around the other way!
What difference does that make, you gonna stab his ass?
Look, stab this motherfucker!
You grab one arm, Blaze grab the other one
Turn him around I can't- He's lookin' at me!
I don't care, it dosen't matter he can't see you there's a blindfold on him!
Alright wait a minute...
You son of a... I can't do it!
What are you doing?!
I can't do it!
I swear to God, stab this motherfucker!
You stab him!
Take the knife!
Gim- Gimmie the fuckin' knife I don't give a- Gimmie the fuckin' knife!
Look, co- You ready to di- Yeah bi- Here we- I can't fuckin' do it!
Gimmie the fuckin' knife I'm gonna do it!
No, I'm gonna do it, I'll do it
I said I was gonna do it, I'm gonna do it!
Here, take the knife!
Oh my God!
Oh my God, I stabbed you!
Are you fuckin' serious?!
I'm sorry!
Oh my God!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
You just stabbed me!
You just fuckin' stabbed him?
I'm sorry... I'm nervous
Dude, that's a lot of blood!
«Please, let me go!»