Перевод песни Obie Trice – Jamaican Girl

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I just want you in my arms, obie
hold you to the morning, obie
i know you got 'em going on, obie
i don’t care what the humble club say (She said)
I just want you in my arms, obie
hold you to the morning, obie
i know you got it going on, obie
sensing on the good love to me
Verse 1
She said she like 'em dark-skinded
Not timid
wanna rumble in my loft, visit
top different
my walks exquisite
switch is ridiculous
locks is twisted like a block she said visit us
drum rock, why don’t you picture us wit-
kids’ll whip? try to turn a can of buzz
so i can can it on a canoe sippin coconuts like its a can of some brew
what she plan to hold onto?
Verse 2
haters wanna hate, hey, no way, hey
she’ll slit ya throat if ya mess with O
she move a pound of coke
like brown with hopes, being close to folk if ya clown ya poke
no joke, murder she wrote, provoke my notoriety
there’ll be a dead body, be that dread haughty
me no no want it no more at da party
down on her knees, up in da party, to please my body
Verse 3
realest nigga on the song is obie
pushin me, got me in that hypnotic waze
i whisper news, got me thinking about her day to day
see i’m faced with beauty, theres nothing more for me to stay
get on the dance floor and play wit me all day (?)
theres no cliche, o’s great like the lakes
so she, run da river, her way of doing the snake
jamaican girl, make a true playa break
say it ain’t so, ya truth is fake
insenseless when she’s interested in insertion
any minute ya squirting
shes gifted in giving you the business, hurtin em
plus, she know the art of perversion
Baby, baby… fade to end…