Перевод песни Big Maceo – I Got the Blues

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I Got The Blues 2:49 Trk 8
(M. Merriweather)
Big Maceo — vocals & piano
W/Tampa Red — guitar, Alfred Elkins — string bass
Recorded Tues. Dec 15, 1941
Chicago, ILL. RCA Studio A Album: Bluebird Recordings Big Maceo 1941−1942
RCA #66 715−2
Just tell me, baby
Just tell me, baby
What can I do To change your mind?
Hey, hey
Baby can I change your mind?
I got the freight train blues
The tracks is outta line
You got a man in the east
An a man in the west
Jus' sittin' here worryin'
Who you love the best?
Hey, hey
What can I do to change your mind?
I got the blues for you, baby
You keep me worried all the time
You say you love me I believe in you
You kind of quit me What mo' can I do?
Hey, hey
Baby, can I change yo' mind?
I got the blue for you, baby
You keep me worried all the time
'Now boy, you know I've got
The blues now'
'Play 'em for me, now'
(piano & guitar)
'Yas, yas, yas, yas'
My mama got 'em
My papa got 'em
My sister told me That she had them, too
Hey, hey
Mama, what can I do?
Some old day you will want me An I won't care a thing about you