Перевод песни Human Skab – We Need to Destroy the Soviet Union

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
There is no Russians in the 20th century
Only if you rock with KAOS there will be
You know who you are
And I'm talking to you
And you know you know the answers
So speak up sonny boy
Or you. Will be in Chaos
Rock with KAOS
Or you will die
And sizzle like an egg
We'll drop you like a bad habit
And if you dont drop
You will be the luckiest man on the face of the Earth
And you will never win a war again
You'll be in pain screaming for your mother
Your eyes will be poked out
So whenever the American States are behind you
You won't even know they're there
You will die soon if you don't get your eyes fixed cross eye
Learn fast slow learner
Get better tardo
You in the 20th Century
You You You
The Russians will go to hell with Hitler
Just as Hitler did
They will lose the war
They will lose the war
No one will survive
Your babies will die
And you will die
No one will survive
You will melt into a puddle
No bones will be there
You will melt melt melt
Just like my sister's hand did when she put it on the skillet
You will Melt melt
Never to be alive again
You will be in agony for the rest of your life
Never to learn a single thing about the 20th century boy
Your babies will die
You will die
No one will survive
So dont move
Cause if you move
Your new house will be destroyed
No one will survive
And you will die
Your babies will die
Your teachers will die
Your girlfriends will die
You in the Soviet Union
The Federal Bureau of Investigation
Wont even know that you lived there
You in the Soviet Union
You will go hell just like Hitler did
And you will join him in agony for the rest of your life
Listen up pervert
You will die die die
You see you're scared scared You're lying there scared
You worry about the World War Three when it hasn't even happened yet
There wont be anybody left to worry about about it
When its over
And that wont be long
It'll be soon
When you all go down to the devil
You finally understand what MTV is
When you If you live to tell about it
You will finally understand
That we dont want to hurt you
But if you start a war we'll end it
And we'll end you too