Перевод песни Ernie Smith – Duppy Gunman

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I an i man forward,
Pon a different scene,
I an i man collie weed, i an i man queen,
Everyting was irie, getting in the groove,
We jus a come dung to movement,
Whn someone say dont move,
Well it mus be a duppy or a gunman,
I man no find out yet, i an i so frighten,
All fi daughter name i feget,
Well it mus be a duppy or a gunman,
I neva stop to see,
Quarrie was a nwoy to i man Last nite,
Im couldnt falla me.
Di next day di daughter ask mi
Wha happen to u last nite
Whn u jus a come down to work the show
U ketch stage fright
It was a dread from cross di gully
Jus passing thru
Decide fi run likkle joke
Im wouldnt trouble u