Перевод песни Matt Alber – Rivers And Tides

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Rivers and tides have left me here
Forgetting my name
But there's too many of me
Left alone to feel so ashamed
So I will drift here a while
And settle my score with the waves
I should have been kind
Should have been less cold
But now it's too late to turn back
Something is sinking just below
The warning is real
It's under the surface
Like a splinter you see but can't feel
And now with merciful hands
He offers his chalice to me
And if I would drink would the moon repent
Or bathe us in amber and green?
There is nothing to confess
All this sorrow was a lie
I've been whispering your name
For to calm this stormy night
Rivers and tides have brought me here
A haven profane
The queen of the princes
Rightly chosen to rescue my name
And now the others are here
To welcome me into the fold
Melting a song from the stars below
Of wonderful secrets untold