Перевод песни Eddie Cantor – Mandy

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I was strolling out one evening by the silv'ry moon
I could hear somebody singing a familiar tune
So I stopped a while to listen
Not a word I wanted to miss
It was just somebody serenading something like this
There's a minister handy
And it sure would be dandy
If we'd let him make a fee
So don't you linger
Here's the ring for your finger
Isn't it a humdinger?
Come along and let the wedding chimes
Bring happy times
For Mandy and me There will be some jubilation for the happy pair
Yes, the best in all creation, joy is in the air
There'll be music at the station
For to speed them on their way
There will be some celebration on their wedding day
Oh, what a wonderful day
Cupid, the parson, he'll say
I'm feeling kind of nervous to hear the wedding service
Now we'll hear the wedding bells, soon we'll hear the baby yells
Wait just a minute, my dear
I have the ring, never fear
What a fine ovation from all of our relations
Sister and brother, father and mother
And Mandy and me