Перевод песни Little Teeth – Between My Ears

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If i could say what would make your pain
In ANY WAY degrade, i would prescribe
In a last attempt to take wet ground
And make it dry- i came up shy
I could always fill their plate
With an unkempt SOUND'S relay
I could cut your face 6 different ways
But, they'd all look the same to me With a GLASS-eyed word
I heard a sound
Not a curtain sank below
To hide us from dark clouds
I suspect it died in there-
With a naked pink-eyed glare
Coulda' held my hand
But, busy fingers played a note
With no repair
It's the piece of promise there
That was tangled in my hair
Had you set up your own load
Have you ever seen this side of me?
I am just embarrassed to be ANYTHING!
You are new...
Uh huh, there you go I waited here
I don't know...
And say that you don't care...
Take it back
And realize something's sticking UP out there!
I won't ever be the same
I will take down all your frames
You can take my life
And set it down upon a shelf
But, it won't sell
It's the piece of PROMISE there
That was TANGLED in my hair
Had you set up your OWN load
Have you EVER seen this side of me?
I am just embarrassed to be ANYTHING- you are NEW
UH HUH, there you GO!
I waited here, I DON'T-
I am JUST lying
I've had enough TIME
To be healed
Beyond the BEETLE'S shell
Time is AIR
Caught BETWEEN my ears
You won't have the time to take ME
You won't have the road to WAIT everyday
I just HAVE one more question
I just HAVE one more demand