Перевод песни Little Teeth – Good Girls and Boys

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And, i've got a mind of steel
So, i hope that you're not talking to me
Taken a beating, but, i've got two dollars
And five cents to spend before i leave here
You've got a mind that keeps you free
From any ambition
And, i've got the 3rd degree
Of some kind of coal burning
Heaven awaits all the girls and boys
Who get good grades
And, i've never been
A part of this-
A part of anything
Your body's a machine
Your body's a mental fuck to me
And, i've gotta keep those
Greased gears turning
You said that you could barely speak!
But, i didn't notice...
You haven't had a good night's sleep
In 3 years and counting
My father's dead
In his grave
He passed away several years today
And, i never gave him
So much as a hug
You have a way
Of making the END
Seem like the MEANS
And if I'M a mistake
What does that make YOU?
Silent seems the way
That i always dream
About you, don't i?
And, no one says
It's NOT okay, but me
Silent seems the way
That i always dream
About you, Grama
And, no one says
It's not OKAY, but ME