Перевод песни TRC – Diamonds from the Smoke

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Some tread that tightrope for too long,
Won't take that leap of faith, scared of what might be,
Over the table, I'm laying out all that I own,
What we built from blocks, hopes to blow,
As time lanes are thrown,
Now nothing's plain, we're one stones throw away,
From all gains, but it's cost us the old faces lost,
If tomorrow was today, would you be able to say,
You were pleased with the way things have turned out?
Would the same doubts still sprout of a morning?
Or would you smile through a yawn on your way to work?
Are you happy? Or are you screaming for something to change?
We can all have the hearts to take a hold of our dreams,
Childish to some, but some few do do it,
By running risks, so run the risk,
You see mistakes, we see a chance to take,
A few teeth less, we'll shine a smile, like diamonds from the smoke,
On roads away, head lays wherever,
Then I wake up battling stress and strains,
And it pains to weigh up, if she'll take having half her man around,
And I blame the time apart that parts a pair of hearts,
It's what I chose to do, where they could not,
So they should not feel fucked by us,
A few teeth less, miles ahead from chalked steps, clenching on our hopes,
We'll shine a smile like diamonds from the smoke.