Перевод песни Rob Crow – A Subtle Kiss

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Everything, everywhere
Lost, upset, and gone
Sitting there
Head in you hands
Note the fragile nature
of the air
And then you can't speak
Nothing's gonna be alright
this day
How come the flesh is so weak?
Shake the pennies from your eyes
Watch your soul slip into the sea
Blow a subtle kiss
It floats away
Synthesizing naturalis
Copy anyone
Coaster after coaster
Nothing's burned and now they're done
Maggots turning into copters
Flying at the sun
Eyes are filling up with water
Can't see where they're going
til they...
Armageddon missing Heaven
Million thoughts away
Torn apart the inside out
The most effective way
You decide it doesn't matter
to you anyway
Way too late
It's been a while since anyone
cared what you have to say
A broken man