Перевод песни Rob Crow – Some Things

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Open up an old book to a part
And I can't remember if I
Read that far
But some things stay with me
Can't remember what time of day
To do certain things I'm supposed to
But some thing stay with me
Like the time that you said
You'd have my back for now and
What's that way you make
That soul bleed
Guts on the floor
Disembowled over you
Hall of mirrors, overtime
Just polish and a rag
What's your codec?
Eliminate the static cling
To the ceiling like a
Giant sticky hand
Never afraid to admit to
Love another man
Sick of the sight of me
Jedi Academy
Boring Fatality like a
Record with a blank sleeve
Why the same thing one more time?
Why depress me on my dime?
Want to see something that I've
Never seen before
Wanna see a monkey and
A clown do semifore
Something, somewhere
Someone, somehow
Same thing
A new letter spelling
Glitter Terror Palindrome
From the Desk of Never Been
There Naysay
Heaven doesn't matter
And you never ever go home
Calm the voices saying
«This thing» to you
Meaning «This thing from you»
Shouting «That thing»
Far behind you
There is nothing
There is no rest
No sleep
Nothing in your mind
After 15 minutes
Good as gone