Перевод песни Rob Crow – Over the Summer

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One of the things I never told you guys
How every summer barely made it out alive
How all the friends I had were in my head
Built an altar that surrounded my bed
And said, «set fire to me!»
But nothing happened to me Over the summer
Wings grow over and hover over me What kind of angel'd show their face around here?
I'm tired of being alone
But there's not much of a choice around here
I'm good at being alone
But I'm tired of being alone
Suffer the bad days
Suffer the insecurities
Suffer the consequences
Of keeping your mouth shut
Suffer the consequences
Of not keeping your mouth shut
'Cause what I got left of my mind
That hasn't been twisted or altered by outside stimuli
Tells me what's right from wrong
And hopefully wakes me up in time before you're gone