Перевод песни Bronze Radio Return – Sell It to You

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I find myself staring at the shelf*
With a hundred boxes and I need some help
They all look the same and each seem to claim
That they're better than the other one
And on second thought I don't
Need another answer to a phony problem
‘Cause everywhere I go, everything I see
Everything is sold to me
«It's made just for you»
Now I hope you don't think that's true
It's made from the man with the cash in hand
For you to buy into
And when it breaks
However long that may take
It won't be long before the next comes along
And sell a new mistake
‘Cause if you want it then, they'll sell it you
In a box so beautiful it blinds your point of view
Don't buy it then, they'll wrap it up again
Twice the price for bad advice
As long as you keep buyin'
It's not what you need
It's how you fuel the want you feed
Mr. Follow often holds the hands of Ms. Lead (mislead)
It's something new
Or becoming long overdue
Simon says it's not what it is man
It's how it's sold to you
If you want it then, you're sold before you even know it begins
It doesn't matter even