Перевод песни Jack Hayter – The seduction of Nancy

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Whose hips were you pushed from?
Whose breast were you torn from?
I know nothing of you but the brush of your lips
From what house on which street?
A suburban postcode or a dockside box?
Cos i know nothing of you but the scent of your skin
You say your man wrote «Nancy Spain»
Oh well then he could have been anyone
You should be very proud
Never heed hereafters
Or stick yo a promise made
And Ill do better by you
We've got hearts like twelve year old kids
I'll take nothing from you
But the sound of your quick tongue
Nothing from you
But the weight of your hair
And if your man wrote «Nancy Spain»
Well then let him stay out there somewhere
He should be very proud
He sang
«Come to me my Nancy Stay with me for just a little while»
But we'll lose that ring he gave to Nancy Spain