Перевод песни Dream Child – Torn between two worlds

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
And now the time has come for us
To find the force to carry on
We had the optimism, but time
Has shown us realism
We remember, the green, the seas
Blue skies
All of it is now reduced to
A dust of diamonds left in the
Cosmic wind...
Innocent victims died in agony
Murdered in the name of power
And greed!
We hold! The reins of tomorrow
We try! Not to fall on sorrow
We have! To be organised
We will! Now open our eyes
Bridges have been burned
Between us, and our past
Ultimate humans
But how long will we last?
We wear a crown of thorns
Our cross is the unknown
When will end our calvary?
Will we find harmony?
We'll search 'til our kingdom
Torn between two worlds !
One exists no more
One is to explore
Torn between two worlds !
We cannot see their shores...
The madness ! Menaces us
But it's too soon to fall into his
We won't do! The same error
To let one deads us into the horror
We have reached technological
But still we're searching for the
Peacful seeds
If we find, a place to be
Wisdom will prevail
That's what we wish
We are prisonners, of this infinite
We must find our place, or
Disapear, without a trace
At the gates, of new worlds
We're under mutations
We're torn between two worlds!!!