Перевод песни Rage Nucléaire – Unrelenting Fucking Hatred

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Your right to live
Does not supersede
My need to kill you
What whore shat you into the world?
There is no «murder» here
This shit was never born
You haven't lived
And I can't un-kill you
You have no names I can recall
Everything is cold, finished, ruined
Every day is a funeral
There is no remorse
Do not repeat, we will repeat
Debris, you are
Mud-dwellers all
You live
Where you don't belong
Let your hate be more lasting than the grave
This is not «good bye»
This is «see you on the other side»
You have useless-eaters' eyes
And mouths only open to bite or lie
How fucking dare you breathe?
You feed my unrelenting fucking hatred
You! Eat my unrelenting fucking hatred!