Перевод песни G. Love – Booty Call

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When i first met you babe
I knew i had to have you
I just wanted you to call
Me your bad boy baby blue
I’m so glad i’ll be loving you for ever
It’s kind of clever how we ended
Up in this situation
We was working at the snack bar on my vacation admiration infatuation elation
we were kickin it for the whole damn summer
From freinds
To best freinds
To part time lovers
Now you’re moving in the first date of september
I can remmember when i saw you back in december
It was so cold outside
You was breakin up
And so was i and
Neither one of us wanted to give love a try
But we would talk, talk, laugh and have a ball
But then we got drunk and fooled around and had a booty call
A booty call
Ain’t nuthin wrong with a bootycall
Everybody like a bootycall
Now and then
I can tell that were gonna be freinds
I can tell that were gonna be freinds
Now were getting serious
Living together
We’ve had our ups and downs
But you know that we’d whether the storm
And if we ever had some fights they always ended up in the
Quiet storm, warm in the bedroom
A lil bit of heat
And alittle bit of spice
But no 2 people got along all the time alright
So lets stick together like the Al Green song
Cause you always do make me fell brand new
And ill always be lovin you my baby boo
And only do i think that your sexy self independent
Strong willed
Hard workin
And i liked cha
You like to step up to the party and
Get down on the dance floor like nobodys buisness
The finest fish in the whole damn sea swimming with me
Skinny dippin
With me road tripin with me
But know she flippin on me yeah
And im gonna tell you that that ain’t all
She like to get freaky and fool around and have a booty call
Ain’t nothing wrong with the booty call
And do you people want a booty call
Everybody need a booty call
Now and then
Hey babby you know i get off in a bought ten minutes you think you and i can
hook up after the show
I can tell that were gonna be freinds
I can t3ll that were gonna be freinnds
I can tell that were gonna be i can tell that were gonna be
I can tell that were gonna be freinds
Are you ready for the booty call do you people want a booty call
Id bet youd like a booty call
Everybody need a booty call
You know what im sayin