Перевод песни The Devastated – Zombies

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So now you wanna slide it like me?
Already stole one riff and spit
Bullshit all over it Sleeping what? I witness who?
Yeah now you're gonna slide it like me Here's another riff go spit
More bullshit all over it Sleeping wha? I witness you!
Your congregation breeds nothing but
Separation, it's never made sense
That there is no tolerance for
Anyone outside your belief system
That's some kind of religion
You mean I can be a Christian
Only when I want to?
Maybe we'll sell more records
Life would be so much better
If I can be a Christian only when
I want to Then shit sign me up dood!
Deadringer, holy roller
We all know the born on date
Please excuse my anger, I'm sure
You can relate
Imagine someone stealing the one
Thing you love more than anything
Now that's the feeling, that's the feeling
We were friends and I never thought
We weren't and I've got mad respect
For the better half of your whole
Crew but the next time you preach to Love they enemy, I challenge you to Love me Now set this track down before
You blow your back out
You wanna slide it like me?
You better make that shit sustain
My neck hurts from this big
Fuckin' brain!