Перевод песни Ballerina – Desolation

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Remember who i am
Memories still remains
Fear come in to my head
We only get one chance
Pray for answer
Wishing all my life away
Can we hold on to what we have done
So i watch and wait
But i far away from you
Never come to my soul
The blood still on my hand
And i see the sign now
But i dont understand why
Never ending forever searching
Seeking for my sins
I see the sign in the end of the time
From the sky
I see the light is burning in the night
Evil has planned
I choke a cry but no one here
When i wastrapped in the world
I cant help my self
Its time to pay what i have done
Who save me from hell the sea of death
No time for running from disaster
In your life you may chose desolation
Bleeding from the start
There is where i felt from grace
Have death in my eyes
Some one please help me from hell