Перевод песни The Tiger Lillies – Cabin Boys

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Drunk on rum what a b
but the breeze fills up my sails
Cabin boys I annoy
well they know how not to fail
Take 'em all one by one
well a pervert must have fun
Give 'em wood it does 'em good
I know they could be my sons
You're gonna be what you will be
and it is no good to fight
I don't feel bad I don't feel sad
I f them it's my right
A callous sod some think I'm odd
but a man must have his fun
So I sigh to sea and sky
as my blood runs
When I die it will be hot
destination Hell I got
Cabin boys they make me sin
I drown my guilt I am in
If you ask I feel shame
and my guilt causes pain
But though that guilt does try again
my l does rise for pain
Then again I have my fun
and once again my evil comes
With that lash I them slash
otherwise there'll be no cash
Then I'll be back on the deck
f with me and you I'll wreck
I'm the s with a lash
cabin boys their backs I slash
Cat o'nine tails oh what fun
I know how to treat the scum
But now I am down below
and submission's what they show
I too must have fun
so cabin boy your job is done
When your blood runs