Перевод песни Leprous – Mb. Indifferentia

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You lay awake at night
But stay in your bed
Trying to undermine the voice in your head
Knowing you ought to, but still find a reason
Silently laying low
Morbid fear will justify your treason
Look the other way to see
Comfort in the pain to be The end of a life is close at hand
You're standing tall
Keep out of trouble
Do your worst
Do nothing at all
Keeping watch
Seeing ghosts
Drifting out of sight
Laying low
Covered in Dark and dead cold night
A cry for help
The help is near
You sing a song so you can't hear
Upon your touch a death undone
May cause a strain
Agonizing death has won
Lack of remorse
No help to give
Lack of remorse
No help to find
Reeking betrayal
No reaching hand
Reeking betrayal
We're going blind