Перевод песни Johnnie Taylor – I Don't Wanna Lose You

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Listen, listen to my heartbeat
Listen, listen to my heartbeat
Baby, listen
I don`t wanna lose you
As a matter of fact
I can`t stand to lose you
When I say I love you, yeah
This time, you can believe me Yes, you can
I can`t blame you if you
Wanna leave me, no, no After all, I`m the one
Who deceived you
But I`m just here
To let you know
Never, ever, will I Want to let you go I don`t wanna lose you
Oh, help me say it, somebody
I don`t wanna lose you (baby)
Let me, let me, let me say it You saw me running
Around with another
But the next time
They`ll never, no, never
Log on to kill this message.
Cause the love in My heart is so true
No one else will ever do If you say we`re gonna part
Don`t you know you`re
Gonna break J.T.`s heart
I don`t wanna lose you
Oh, the sweet loving you give me I don`t wanna lose you (baby)
Don`t let the memory
That we shared fade away
Reconsider my new love and devotion
Cause I can honestly say
My love is real
I`m gonna make you feel it My love is real, baby
I want you to have it If I lose your love
It`ll be like taking the
Sun out of the sky, baby
If I lose, if I lose, if I lose
If I lose, if I lose
If I lose your love, honey
Where can a man go from here
Oh, no, I don`t wanna
Go on without you
I can`t live
Listen to my heartbeat
It`s eating kind of slow
You just broke my Heart when you told me John, I don`t love you no more
Tell me one more time
Take me in your arm
Tell me anything can be alright
Tell me that you love me, tell
Hold on to my
Oh, hold on, hold on, baby
I don`t wanna lose you
You got to hold it, hold it…
I don`t wanna lose you (baby)…