Перевод песни Johnnie Taylor – Standing In For Jody

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I don`t need nobody
Shaking my tree
Save all your love
Save it just for me You kiss me but the
Feeling just aint there, no, no You`re saving the real thing for Jody
And you`re using me just for a smile
I can see through that
You come running, running
Running, running, running to me Each time Jody makes you cry
Lord, have mercy
You`re nothing but a fool for Jody
Well, I`m a bigger fool to watch the
Tears as they fall from your eyes
All right, now
I`m gonna tell you something
I`m tired of standing in for Jody
(I got to keep you for myself)
Oh, tired of standing in for Jody
(I got to keep you for myself)
You see, a man can`t be a man
Playing second fiddle to someone else
One day, one day soon, baby
You`re gonna wake up and see
Jody`s just using you, baby
The same doggone way
But let me tell you something
I`m so tired, I`ve had enough
Cause you call his name
When we`re making love
Each day, I love you
A little bit more
How do you think I feel
When Jody comes around
And I have to go
I don`t want nobody
Shaking apples in my tree
Save all your love
Give it just for me Oh, yeah, now
Stop using me Using me, using me Lord, have mercy
I`m tired of standing in for Jody
(I got to keep you for myself) oh
I`m so tired of standing in for Jody
(I got to keep you for myself)
A man can`t be a man playing
Second fiddle to someone else
I bet somebody`s waiting out there
Tonight, watching their watch
Trying to see what time it is Jody was supposed to pick you up Take you to the movie show
Then he called and
Told you it was too late
I got another date, honey
Can`t see you no more
Don`t you get tired
Of waiting on Jody
Standing in, standing in And waiting