Перевод песни Johnnie Taylor – I Am Somebody, Part 1

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I am somebody, yeah
You are somebody, yeah
A lawyer is somebody
Though he loses every
Case that he pleads
A doctor is still somebody
Thought he gives out
The wrong remedy
Now, I may not have shoes
To put on my feet
I may not have
Alright, now, I’ll tell you
I am somebody
Every man and
Woman is somebody
Though you’re up in society
Tell me where would you be
Without everyday people like me
You can make it
Watch me make it
Watch me make it
I’m gonna make it
I am somebody, yeah
You are somebody
Old Martin was somebody
Before he ever started
The March on Washington
Old Bobby was somebody
Before his campaign for
President begun
You may not have a place
To lay your head
The clothes on your back
They do nothing but shred
But you are somebody
Every man is somebody
There’s some good in every man
Give him respect and
Give him a chance
And surely, surely
He’ll understand
You can make it
Oh, watch me
Watch me make it
Now, watch me
Watch me make it
I’m gonna
I’m gonna make it
Cause I am somebody
Oh, oh, oh, yeah
You are somebody
I am somebody
You are somebody, alright
Hey, stand up