Перевод песни Malignancy – Monstrous Indifference

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Echoes of the past, unearth primitive ways
Peel back forgotten layers, systemic shock waves
Indoctrinate primal instincts
Tainted bloodlines inscribe
Lack of complexity, cult mentality
Devotion to microbial life
Changeling collective consciousness
Subspecies offshoot, brutish tendencies
Meander about, habitation is found
Encircled by your brethren, radiation sickness
Inhospitable caverns, rigid and unyielding
Adversity and tragedy
Imperfect progenies
Hostiles fueled by fear
Aversion towards the others
Separation anxiety
Territorial sovereignty
Mutoids bound by disfigurement
Brutal life of sufferance