Перевод песни Misanthrope – Antiquary to Mediocrity

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Birthright named osurtiers
That only God has the power to judge
Versailles' parasite
Antiquary to mediocrity
We are Versailles' parasites
Using blunted weapons
Diluting our poison into the
Miraculous healer Champagne glass
Their compassion for Marivaux's habits
Bleed to white our gold-dust skin
Of our drunkard vices attraction
For the reversed side
Retarded child of dishonour
I had the utmost difficulty
Of my mortifying rank
Expose against flattery
Human life passes far from humilation purpose
Under the desires of a fickle eaglet
Inaccessible to pity
Introduce me Been in favour to the court
Antiquary to mediocrity
Paying my court to my loved queen
Enter the high society
Where words grate Appollon's smiles
Dismissed mirror of our obsession
Cruelty on the surface of flesh
Even with the the head on the block
I will kiss languishly
My brother the executioner, offence to mediocrity
Draw my nails one by one
Tear out the carapace lair
Re-echoing under point) lace underwear
Of a wild baroque baroness
Wounds under the breast
Suffered of spanking bu mondaine
Let me hope in a ripe fruit
Blossom out from a rotten bough
Marie Antoinete, I miss you so As a bleeding distress flow
Heartlessness towards my love
Usher in the high world
Divine mistress of my chaste night
Libertines reception in the floral park
Shocker at the sight horsewhip my body
In silk damp sheets