Перевод песни Osiris – Wasted

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I just can't believe in a thing called heaven
Every year of living is wasted
Things, I've always seen, will lead to sorrow
It's more than I have ever tasted.
Don't let me cry
Don't let me see your face
Leave the past behind
The moment we met, the things we shared
Were not the way they're meant to be
The hopes we had, the dreams we made
Are forgotten songs we paint in our lives
Friends will grow and leave on stay forever
It's only in the mind of a dreamer
The love you had for some people will turn to hatred
The mystery of living gets deeper
We've reached the end
Of a tale that has just begun
Smile with relief
The wise man said, the king is dead
But it doesn't matter a new one's born
A goal is scored, the game is won
But lose you will, just wait.