Перевод песни Laban – Donna Donna

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Donna open your eyes
Donna drop your disquise
Don´t you see in my face
What you hear in my sighs
Thats my love escaping
Donna llisten to me Donna see what I see
I´m so happy you smiled
I´m so happy you´re here
There´s no cloud between us Donna Donna say yeah
Ohh Madonna say yeah
I really want you for love
I really want you to stay
Don´t let my love escape you
You´ve got to take love when you can
If you let me go I don´t know
If I could live like sand
Falling through your hand
Donna Donna say yeah
Mam madonna say yeah
If we could stay whwre we are
We could make it so far
I believe with all my heart
Donna Donna say yeah
Donna Donna say yeah
Cause you´ve made me love you
And you´ve made me care