Перевод песни Gaither Vocal Band – Living Water

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Have you ever walked through a burnin' dusty desert
Where the sun beats down and scorches your soul?
And have you ever knelt and prayed to God for mercy
'Cause you don't know how much farther you can go?
Well, there's a place of rest just over that horizion.
When I'm tired and thirsty, that's where I go.
All I really need is a taste of that refreshing
From the spring of life where living water flows,
I'm goin' back to the source of living water.
That abundant supply will never run dry.
When I get to feelin' dry and thirsty down in my soul,
I just go back to where the living water flows.
On the road of life, sometimes I get discouraged,
And I start to wonder if I've lost my way.
Did I make the right decision at the crossroads,
Or should I take the road that's better paved?
Well, then I hear the sound of cool, clear rushing water
Like a mountain stream runnin' right through my soul,
And I know that ev'ry mile has been rewarded
By the cup of living water that I hold.
Music and Lyrics by Scooter Simmons