Перевод песни Extreme – There Is No God

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
So you’re a self proclaimed messiah
Or maybe a blasphemes liar
A clever hypnotic hoax, a hallowed heretic coax
Who tells these stories so old
No, never the same twice told
Speaking in distorted truths
I see that Thomas wants some proof
Did you come to heal the sick
With one more magician’s trick?
Ye generation seeks a sign
While blind keeps leading the blind
So you say, there is no God
Just a clever man’s charade
A once upon a fairy tales fraud
Has God made man or man made God?
There is no God
Confused, thy talk in parables
Accused, thou walk in parallels
A simple game of Simon says
This month’s flavor sciences
Today’s fact, tomorrow’s fiction
Leave the rest to superstition
If knowledge comes from learning books
Wisdom comes from discerning looks
A fool that says there is no God
Don’t feel for that sorry sod
Who needs proof then he’ll believe
I wonder if he’s been deceived
There is no God