Перевод песни D Double E – Street Fighter Riddim

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Oh my gosh
It's D Double
Hold tight Swerve on production
It's street fighting time
Round 1, Fight!
If it's me you're mad at
You'll get a scar on your chest like Sagat
Street fighting that's what I'm bad at
My tings working perfect
I come through with beat up under
Give man a hand just like E. Honda
Give me the mic and let me ride there with them
Cos I spit the bars just like Dhalsim
I'm a lyrical invader
Climbing to the top just like Vega
You v me nobody can save ya
On the mic I'm way too major
Cos I'm shocking MCs like Blanka
I got money in the bank, I'm a banker
You ain't got money in the bank, you're a wanker
I'm quick with the hooks like Balrog
Get the ravers jumpin' like a bullfrog
And I been doing it for more than a while
In the game I'm a soldier like Guile
So, cos you're big like Zangief
Don't think you can ever try give man grief
You don't wanna get into no big man beef
I'm here if you want a lyrical fight
I'm that guy son
Sucking up MCs like a Dyson
You can spit bars if you wanna come and die, son
You can spit bars give it your best try son
Bus' to the head like M. Bison
In a war start waving goodbye son
Lyrical levels are too high, son
No word of a little lie, son
I'm perfect
Like Street Fighter 4
What you think they call man the street fighter for?
Man a steppin' up the gears of the war
Hadouken, straight to your jaw
Think it's a game like Street Fighter 4
What you think they call man the street fighter for?
Man I be steppin' up the gears of the war
When my CD hits the shelf
Bet you any money nobody's gonna buy you
I'm a lyrical black belt like Ryu
I'm the original like Bruce Lee
You're just an imitation like Fei Long
I can murk your crew all day long
One by one, winner stays on
Show me the money, yeah, pay me the wong
Cos I wanna big belly like Rufus
People don't get that I'm going on ruthless
Hurricane kick will leave man toothless
Try what you want your combos are useless
I'm a weed consumer
Get my eyeballs red like Akuma
Everybody's waiting, it coulda been sooner
D Double EP it's not a rumour
In the final fight
I'm the guy
Everyone wants to be my co'd
Cos you know you won't be able
To get a perfect, or get close
Let me give them a lyrical dose
Just like chicken pure man get roast
As soon as I bash my super duper Hadouken
Old school G
Just like Gouken
Hit them with the Shoryuken and Hadouken
Max my level to see if you can
Beat this now see if you can
You be the judge, you be the jury
Look into my eyes, see the fury
You'll be pissed, like a brewery
Sick in the head nobody can cure me
Bluku bluku
Dirty-ty, that's me-me