Перевод песни Mark Lowry – For I'm Persuaded To Believe

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Well, while down here you travel
You may never have a lot of silver and a lot of gold
Trouble overtake you,
Your friends, they may forsake you
And leave you here to weep alone
But we call on Jesus
We know that He sees us in our every trying hour
From the windows up above,
He sends down His love
And He keeps us with His Heavenly power
Oh I'm persuaded to believe
Nothing could separate us from the wonderful love of God
For above He will send us If we let Him live within us While in this sinful world we trod
Neither height nor depth
Nor principalities,
Things present nor things to come
Though the devil hates us but he could never separate us from the wonderful love of God
Now don't you be a doubter
Come on and be a shouter
Take hold of the Master's hand
Because His love is wider
And is higher than the sky or anything made by man
And though trouble ay depress you
His love will caress you
Throw your heavy burdens all away
With loving arms, He will strengthen
Long suffering He will lengthen
Now, to keep you till the judgment day