Перевод песни Johnny Mercer with Benny Goodman and his Orchestra – Moon-Faced, Starry Eyed

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Moon faced, starry eyed
Peaches & cream with nuts on the side
I never knew there was anyone living like you
Moon faced, starry eyed
I'm going to bust my vest with pride
I never lived, baby, not at all 'til I met you
At six o'clock I expect your call
At seven o'clock I am in the hall
At eight o'clock if you don't come by By nine o'clock baby I die
Moon faced, starry eyed
Cooking with gas when I'm by your side
I swear my hearts no where without you
Moon-faced, starry-eyed
You're apple pie with cheese on the side.
Can it be true than I'm loved by a Tarzan like you?
Moon-faced, starry-eyed,
You took my heart on a buggy ride.
I don't know how I got ever along without you.
At six o'clock I am gettin' up steam,
At seven o'clock I am on the beam,
At eight o'clock if the knob don't turn,
By nine o'clock, Baby, I burn!
Moon-faced, starry-eyed,
Floating on clouds when I'm by your side,
I swear my heart's nowhere without you.