Перевод песни Mark Lowry – Mom

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I brought home notes from school everyday, Mom
My ADD's what turned your hair gray, Mom
You doubled up my Ritalin
But it only energized my brain
You tried to get me counseling
But I drove the counselors insane
I've given you so much through the years, Mom
Migraines, heartburn and quite a few tears, Mom
Now that you're getting therepy,
Takin Prozac once or twice a day
I know that your last nerve is shot,
I'm sorry for that twitch you got
It's been a ball so thanks a lot, Mom
Your sleepless nights are all in the past, Mom
It's safe to use your real name at last, Mom
I know I drove you crazy but
I don't think you ever once complained (Well maybe once)
I don't know how you stood the test
Your frazzled nerves deserve a rest
Your nursing home will be the best, Mom! I really mean it,
Your nursing home will be the best, Mom!
Don't it make you glad to know your boy's done good, yeah!!!