Перевод песни Mark Lowry – Bein' Happy

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Well I've been told that I have a tendency
To look at things on the dark side
That glass has always been half empty to me
But since You've been around
It's gettin' harder for me to keep my spirits down
This wakin' up with a smile is sure new to me!
Oh you know
I could get used to this bein' happy
I could get used to a brighter day
If I'm dreamin' don't anybody slap me
I could get used to livin' this way!
Could sho get used to livin' this way!
(end chorus)
I spent all my life lookin' over my shoulder
Runnin' smack dab into hard times
Teacher said it seemed like bad luck followed me
But You sure broke that spell
'Cause I'm dressin' better~I'm eatin' well
And my old friends ain't believin' what they see!
(repeat chorus)
Ya'll stop me if I get carried away!
Somebody stop me if I start sayin
(Spoken) Have a nice day!
(Repeat Chorus twice)
(Spoken)I like feelin
I like bein' ...happy!
Oh I am sooooo happy!
(Laughs) Ha! Ha! Ha!
(Spoken) Any Baptist wanna dance?