Перевод песни Bugge Wesseltoft – Out here. In there

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Jet plane cuts through the clear, blue sky
Left a trail across your eyes
Tell yourself you're not going to cry
Felt so sweet to be on your own
Once blessed with a heart of stone
Never knew you would miss it so Devil's child — looked like an angel
Warm as the mouth — cold in the middle
Should have learned to hold back a little
Tossed across a hotel bed
Live your live with no regrets
Picturing the stream of days ahead
Hard to stick to the straight and narrow
Getting by — beg, steal and borrow
Don't think about tomorrow another busy day
Want to let go — wait for a sign like breaking glass in the middle of the day
old depts crash into the walls — into the windows hours at a time you count
every minute of your stolen time bone and sky — caught in the middle spread
your wings — measure the distance and soar soar — dive dive travel light —
can't take it with you map of time — photographs of a face — of an image all
your hopes — ride on this riddle right or wrong