Перевод песни Cavalar – Watch Me from the Sky

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In the night when life sounds so quiet
and I just stay on my own
I can still hear your voice
whispering for my love
Is it promises of eternal love
that you want from me? I don't know
But I can guarantee right now
heaven's pleasure that's for sure
You gonna bring me straight to your fire
You gonna tell me your secret desires
You gonna show me all your innocence
To make our love so intense
Watch me from the sky
Your love slipping in mine
So deep it's getting inside
Oh yeah!
Travelling with no direction
or even a place to stay
My journey's I've been taking alone
no on can change my way
The road's my destiny
until my doomsday
So, be ready and be prepared
cause now we start to play
(Repeat Bridge and Chorus)
Love me baby drive me crazy
lately I'll be gone
Love me 'till the end of time
come on let's get it on
(Repeat Bridge and Chorus)