Перевод песни Cavalar – Dead Man

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You can't just walk away
and pack your life to go
Won't get enough time
to set your body and soul
Avoid all faces
and run yourself alone
In this world you play the game
whatever you may roam
Can you hear the silence?
Screaming from behind
Dreams getting over
Bitter taste inside
Don't need a shout! you're a dead man
No matter what! you're a dead man
No time to cry nowhere to hide
As you can see you're already dead!
Day by day it shows the same
the price to pay is high
Wake up to realize
how high we all can fly
Run out of darkness
think about the goals
No plans were ever made
so leave and let it go
(Repeat Bridge and Chorus)
Are you afraid to live?
Are you afraid to die?
God knows if you can fight!!!