Перевод песни Boss Hogg Outlawz, Slim Thug – Codeine Cups Flow

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I D'know what you trippin' on Must be what you sippin on
I'm still tippin; on fours flippin' with the paint drippin'
When I leave home
Tell ya Baby Mama gon' leave me alone
You can have her back, I'm done with that
I ain't had too much fun with that
I'mma let you gon' run with that
I'm a cold mack, you can call me Goldy
Yeah like the pimp, same as the rollie
'Git your money up' what my O. G's told me And I been doing that since my O. G's know me Don't tell me, show me, talk is cheap
A cheap bitch cain't sweep up my Jeep
My hoes top notch they cain't compete
Bringin' daddy back 20k a week
That sadden up, i'm stackin' up You niggas better get your mackin' up Still doin' shoes that's packed as fuck
And I ain't dropped shit since you-know-what
You know what, I'm high as fuck
Drank got a nigga's mouth dry as fuck
Ev'ryday I step out fly as fuck
And that's some shit you cain't go drop me up Drive fast cars, got fast cash
Gotta smoke and drank to slow me down a tad
I'm just gettin' mine midin' my business
Why these hatin' niggas act so mad?
Wanna' see me fall
Hate to see me ball
Wanna see me crawl
Hate to see me tall
Stand by me I make em all look small
Hall of fame Thugga', put my name on the wall