Перевод песни Papadosio – We Are Water

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
affect the molecular structure of water.
Please remember that water comprises
over 70 percent of the mature human body,
and covers the same amount of our planet.
Water is the very source of all life.
This photo shows
the beautifully formed, geometric design.
What I believe is that, um,
water can differentiate between
a harmonious vibration and a non-harmonious vibration.
And as it does that, that result
manifests in the design of the crystal
being beautiful or not.
A group of people were asked
to project onto a flask of water in front of them
very positive emotions like love, tenderness, and concern.
Then the flask was replaced with another one,
and the people were asked
to project emotions of a different type:
fear, aggression, hatred.
After this, measurements were taken on the samples.
The water exhibited changes
that were clearly in one direction or another.
So love, increases water's energy levels
and stabilizes the water,
while aggressive emotions reduce the energy,
and make radical changes in the water.
I hope to show people through my research,
that water has a memory of its own.