Перевод песни Gabriella Cilmi – Invisible Girl

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I'm about to lose control
Cause you can be so tricky to love
When you got your boys around
You talking shit
Playing it tough
You tell me everyday that what we got is special
But I'm not so sure
Cause I'm not gonna be your dirty little secret now
I need more
You got me spinning around, running me down
Keeping me at the back of the queue
You know that you do
And now wherever I go, nobody knows
That I am the one you come running to
They don't have a clue
Well is this forever
Are we together
Am I a part of ya world
Cause I can take whatever
But I will never
Be your invisible girl
Invisible girl
I'm never been a diva
But I won't settle for second best
And all I'm asking
Is for you to give a little respect
Don't get me wrong
I'm not expecting you to suffer
You can have some fun
But if you keep pretending I'm not in the room
Then you'll be my minus one
It's so easy when we're alone together
Could it be this way forever?
Or are you just playing with my heart?