Перевод песни Gabriella Cilmi – What If You Knew

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This is the night I'm gonna try
Something's been playing on my mind
I'm gonna tell you the truth even if it hurts
Now that we're dancing on the for
Feeling like I can't pretend no more
I don't wanna lose the thing we had before
Like a movie in my mind
I pretend that you were mine
What if you knew
Your best friend is in love with you, aha
Would you go or would you stay
If I just knew how to say
Your best friend is in love with you
How could you ask for my advice
About those other girls you like
Don't you know I know you better than they do Even though I made you smile
Maybe I'm just in denial
Sometimes destiny
Ain't what it's supposed to be You blink and it's gone
If the opportunity gets the best of me
I guess I'll have to move on Your best friend is in love with you