Перевод песни Gabriella Cilmi – Robots

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Skin sweats
When it gets hot
Hands drop
What they have caught
Lungs run out of breath
Great minds can still forget
What if we could make this better
Would we do it if we could
If we bypassed human nature
Would it do us any good
What if we were made for wires and spare parts
What if there was only science in our hearts
Maybe we could love each other as robots
What if kisses were ones and zeros
We'd see the world through electric windows
Would it make us better off than people
We build with no mistakes
Steel heart that never breaks
If we traveled from the future
To this lonely place in time
Would we be closer to the answer
To the question on our mind
These bodies are so out of touch
We can even see what's on our minds
There's something deep inside of us
That's counting down the minutes to remind us
We're running out of time