Перевод песни Gabriella Cilmi – Boys

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About a year ago
We were inseparable
We had a fight or two
But not to end it all
Until your boys came crashing through
They said they came to rescue you
Then they took you out
Got you really drunk
Came back to my house
Said you met the one
Some girl you made out with for fun
Now I'm just looking at you stunned
Like you must have lost your mind
You'd-a laid, you'd-a laid
With the next girl in line
While I'm at home just dying
Now you want to apologize
You'd-a laid, you'd-a laid
With the next girl in line
So go sleep with your boys tonight
Go sleep with your boys tonight
I tried to think if I
Was being difficult
I couldn't bring myself
To shake it off
After all of the time we spent
You couldn't help it one last bit
I'm here on my own
Contemplating done
And if it's really true
That you've met someone
I can't accept apologies
What are you doing here with me?
Am I the only one that's
Crazy here for the moment
Do you realize what you just said to me
Don't change your mind the morning
Got other things more important
Than just you and me