Перевод песни Ritual carnage – Paradox of democracy

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The constitution is in confusion
Our present state of desitution
In tournment founding fathers lay
Their visions lost, withered away
The New World Order politics
As the working class gets sacrificed
United Nation games, and foreign policy
No democracy, for the land of the free
We police the world, for no accord
Paradox of state, obscure democracy
Civil liberties constrained, from partisan, lobbyist
Bureaucratic systematic
Oppressive rhetoric from addicts
Handout, shellout, pity, plead
Awards for laziness and greed
No more tears, no sorrow shed
For the gallery of invalids
Massive government expenses, comes fraud and waste, tax
Self rightous, unethic deeds, no balance of power, no liberty
Governmental subsidies, the current welfare luxuries
In tournment founding fathers lay, their visions lost
withered away